Colorado School Of Mines Transfer Agreement

For students who want to move from a Colorado community college with which we have a joint agreement to mines, you will find transfer guides here. Professor Tracy Camp, head of mines` IT department, sees the agreement as an opportunity to increase access to the mine program, which relies on long-standing agreements with individual universities. The agreements were approved by the Colorado Higher Education Commission (CCHE) and developed by two- and four-year faculties at public colleges and universities nationwide. The introduction of these agreements brings the number of national transmission agreements from 34 to 38. Students who use the agreements collect less credits during the bachelor`s degree and end up reducing costs. In addition, the government`s master plan for 66 per cent of the level of post-secondary education for adults will be more accessible by 2025. Engineering Practices Introductory Course Sequence (EPICS) – 3 creditsCornerstone 151 – Design I (3) (Complete at CSM while attending RRCC)OREGT 140 Introduction to Design and Engineering Applications Sequence (IDEA) – 3 credits (transfers to CSM as EPICS 151) Every academic year, we welcome about 300 new transfers in ordigĂ©, intellectual curiosity, academic promise and a multitude of interests and contexts. Through an innovative partnership, students can begin their academic careers at Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) and move on to the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) to obtain their bachelor`s degree. This transfer agreement allows students to enjoy the benefits of an exceptional community school and the rigor and reputation of a highly respected four-year university.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education has launched four new national articulation transfer agreements in computer science, dance, journalism and public health to enable students to obtain degrees associated with “appellation” and then move on to bachelor`s degrees. “The combination of faculty and academics has made these new agreements stronger and better for students,” says Chris Rasmussen, Senior Director of the Academic Pathways and Innovation cdHE. Members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Red Rocks Community College are encouraged to meet with an advisor from the Colorado School of Mines to learn more about a possible PTK scholarship when being passed on to CSM. Academic courses have been developed by faculties across the state, but academic advisors and transfer coordinators have also provided insight into the needs and experience of students considering a transfer.