Common Use Agreement Wa Health

The procurement policy framework sets out the governance and process requirements that all health care providers (HSPs) must meet to ensure effective and consistent procurement activity throughout the VA health care system. To apply for a specific Common Use Arrangement (CUA), please contact the contract manager on the AUC page. Safety and health are a permanent item on the monthly corporate executive meeting agenda and on the monthly agenda of the staff meeting. This allows all staff to raise their concerns when needed. The CCYP has its own occupational safety and health staff, which conducts inspections every three months on workplace safety risks, which are then submitted to business leader ratings meetings. In addition to the above measures, there are other formal and informal mechanisms for consultation with the Commissioner`s staff on workplace safety and health: contracts, also known as Common Use Arrangements (CACs), exist for goods and services usually purchased by the government. B, such as fuel, computer, electricity, travel, advertising, food and stationery. Regional purchase agreements (RBAs) and group buyout arrangements (GBAs) are available for regional purchases. Food, agricultural products and waste management services are examples. Training and staff development remains a priority for the Commissioner. At the beginning of the year, all employees participate in the Appraisal and Development (PAD) collective agreements on performance with their supervisor.

The ADP meetings provide a framework for the planning, development, review and evaluation of the work of the various staff members, referring to the Commissioner`s strategic directions, our 2016-2020 approach and priorities, and the Commissioner`s annual business/operating plan. Public sector ability frameworks, skills profile: Level 1-6 and leadership profiles (level 7 to level 4) are also used in the evaluation process. Purchasing results maximize value to the VA health care system and taxpayers, including the use of economies of scale through aggregate system or aggregate procurement solutions. Through proactive management, financial and physical resources will be made available to enable the purchase of health and safety equipment and the implementation of safety procedures. All workstations were equipped with an ergotron-sit-stand table room and recently all employees had the opportunity to make an ergonomic evaluation of the workstation. Anyone who chose the evaluation received information on: The Agency conducted an audit and self-assessment of its occupational health and safety management system using the WorkSafe Plan methodology, as described in WorkSafe Plan Information and Workbook: For assessment of safety workplace and health management, published in 2018. The Director General (DG) of the Ministry of Health is the system manager responsible for the overall management, strategic direction and management of the VA health system.