Master Service Agreement Saas

21. Generalities. The parties to this agreement are independent companies, and no agency, partnership, franchise, joint venture or employee-employer relationship is provided for or created by this agreement. All communications addressed to one party are addressed in writing and to the address indicated in the order forms or to another address, as one party informs the other in writing and is deemed to have been duly received: (i) at reception, if served in person; (ii) if the receipt is confirmed electronically, when it is faxed or e-mailed; (iii) the day after it is sent, if it is sent for delivery the next day by an approved night delivery service; and (iv) at reception, if sent by certification or recommended letter, the return slip requested. This agreement cannot be ceded or transferred by any of the parties without the prior written consent of the other party, unless Sentieo can obtain or obtain the agreement without obtaining it to transfer it to its entity of interest through merger or acquisition. Any assignment by derogation from the above is null and void. This agreement, along with possible additions, schedules and exhibitions, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all previous or concurrent agreements and agreements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. These terms and privacy policy may be updated from time to time in an appropriate manner by Sentieo. A provision in this agreement, which is deemed unenforceable, does not affect the applicability of other provisions of this agreement. Neither party is late if their failure to comply with an obligation of this agreement is solely due to excessive conditions that exceed the appropriate control of that party, including, but not limited to acts of God, disturbances, wars, strikes, labour disputes, interruptions of third-party Internet service or slowdowns, acts of vandalism or attacks by “pirates” , acts of terrorism or state demands or demands. The pre-printed terms and conditions for a customer order or dock are bound without force or effect.

(c) “customer” or “customer group” since this term is defined in the contract to which this exhibition A is attached; 10. compensation; royalties; Taxes. In return for the service, the customer set Sentieo the costs and other allowances on the corresponding order form. If Sentieo chooses to issue customer invoices for services, the customer must perform sentieo within 30 days of the date indicated on the invoice via a tradable instrument drawn on U.S. funds or by bank transfer to an account indicated by Sentieo. Payments that are not received by Sentieo at maturity are subject, at Sentieo`s sole discretion, to a financing commission from the due date until payment at a rate of less than 1.5% per month or the maximum allowed by current legislation. Bank fees for returned cheques are reimbursed by the customer. Sentieo has the right to terminate this contract without delay after written notification if the customer does not pay, if it is due and payable, or if a cheque is returned due to insufficient resources. The customer reimburses Sentieo for reasonable, documented, not in-pocket costs for the performance of services. All royalties for the services shown here are understood to be without any sale, excise duty, excise duty, excise duties, uses, added value or other taxes and tariffs.