Metro Vancouver Collective Agreement 2016

“This contract provides improvements in wages, benefits and working conditions for our members, reflecting the difficult tasks they perform every day and move hundreds of thousands of drivers through Metro Vancouver`s busy traffic,” said Sutherland. “We are very pleased that Unifor members voted in favour of the agreement and that we can now work hard to improve transit services across the region. Unifor BC area manager Gavin McGarrigle said with the ratified treaty, both Aboriginals will now make efforts to promote the need for greater Metro Vancouver transportation service from all three levels of government, but especially the province. The contract also includes a craft bonus, maintenance bonuses and seabus work bonuses, and a safety equipment bonus that will help Coast Mountain keep those workers, says Joe Elworthy, president of Unifor Local 2200, which represents mechanics, maintenance and SeaBus workers. “Now that the province is announcing a significant budget surplus, there are no more excuses for not better funding transit immediately and improving service, our environment and our economy, while reducing traffic congestion,” said McGarrigle. “There is a very competitive labour market for craftsmen, and this contract will allow them to stay on Coast Mountain and keep transit moving,” says Elworthy. 4 17 First Aid Prime .. 18 First Aid course (payment) .. 19 miles price .. 19 Transport. 19 Compensation breaks .. 19 Park Patrollers and Park Rangers.. 20 4 years of seniority and probation..

20 seniors. 20 vacancies in the department.. 21 Seniority levels.. 21 seniority – Layoff .. 22 Seniority – Reminder .. 22 Trial period – New collaborators .. 23 5. Classifications. 23 Superintendent decides the classification.. 23 Rate of changes .. 23 Reclassification ..

24 Sewage Plants (WWTPO) .. 24 qualifications .. 25 job descriptions .. 26 Housing Managers .. 27 6. TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE. 27 Technological evolution – 27 TABLEAU OF CONTENTS (continued) CLAUSE PAGE (iii). And the contract has no concessions, says Unifor Local 111 president Steve Sutherland, who represents transit companies. 10 A. Louie Chief Administrative Officer. C.

Mason Deputy Executive Director and. Manager, parks, planning and environment.. N. Carley General Manager, Water Services . . . T. Jervis General Manager, Liquid Waste Services . . . P.

Navratil General Manager, Solid Waste P. Henderson General Manager, Legal and Legislative Services .. R. Hildebrand Managing Director, Financial Services ..