Sirius Credit Agreement

Our privacy policy regulates the handling of identifiable anonymous and personal information that we collect and find under when using our services, apps or website (the “website”). Sid Sankaran, current Company President and Chief Executive Officer of SiriusPoint, said: “Achieving an agreement with Cornerstone investors is an important step for SiriusPoint. This agreement gives us certainty about our capital position in the future, resolves a potential dispute amicably and is an important support of SiriusPoint by demanding investors. This impressive investor environment in the combined business strengthens our strong balance sheet as we support our clients and brokerage partners for the next extension period. Sirius and Easter amend the merger treaty31-08-2018 Nuestra Polética de Privacidad gobierna el manejo por parte de nosotros de la informacion identificable tanto an`nima como personal que nosotros recolectamos cuando usted utiliza los Servicios, nuestros aplicaciones o nuestro sitio de web (el “Sitio”) y se encuentra en Suscripciones estén available in una variedad of programacién packages, y nosotros nos referimos en este Acuerdo como “Paquetes”.” Ejemplos de nuestros Paquetes son “All Access,” “Select,” “Mostly Music,” “News, Talk – Sports,” and “First streaming.” Suscripciones también estén available in una variedad de planes de pagos recurrentes, y nos referimos a estos en este Acuerdo como “Planes”. Ejemplos de nuestros Planes sohn “Mensual,” “Semestral,” “Semi-Anual,” “Anual,” “Dos A`os” and “Tres A`os.” No todos nuestros Planes estén available para todos nuestros Paquetes. Usted tiene el derecho de cambiar su Paquete (z.B., from “Select” to “All Access”). Usted también tiene el derecho de cambiar su Plan (e.j., from a Mensual Plan to an Anual Plan). Nosotros nos reservamos el derecho de cambiar, reorganizar, a`adir, o borrar contenido en el Servicio o en cualquier Paquete en cualquier momento, sin notificacién. A. COMO CANCELAR: 1.

Usted puede cancelar su Suscripcién en cualquier momento, pero este Acuerdo se mantendré legalmente vigente si usted no lo hace dentro de los siete (7) d`as del comienzo de su Suscripcién. Usted nos debe llamar para cancelar su Suscripcién. Si usted compro sus Suscripcién en lenea, y usted`s residente de ciertos estados, y bajo otras ciertas circunstancias, usted puede cancelar en lenea. Nuestros n`meros de contacto de teléfono son los siguientes: 3. For customers who use our 360L service; Your relationship with our wireless provider: You understand and agree that you: (1) do not have a contractual relationship with our underlying mobile operator for your 360L service; (2) no third party gets an agreement between us and our mobile operator; (3) that our mobile operator has no responsibility to you, whether in the event of infringement, warranty, negligence, strict liability in the event of an unlawful act or by any other means; (4) that data transfers and messages may be delayed, deleted or refused and that 911 or similar emergency calls may not be completed; and (5) Our mobile operator cannot guarantee the security of wireless transmissions and is not responsible for the lack of security associated with the use of our 360L service. Our “360L” service refers to the service we offer to radios with a combination of the SiriusXM satellite network and a wireless Internet connection. 2. Full agreement: This agreement represents the entire agreement between us regarding your access and use of the Service, Our Apps or the Site, and may be modified by the unilateral amendment of this Agreement and the publication by us of this amended version. If a provision is cancelled by a competent authority, that provision is removed or amended to the extent necessary and the rest of this agreement remains applicable.